Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bows ...

sheer backless blouse , jeggings, earrings (F21) heels (Jcpennys) bag (Walmart)
Happy Sunday!!!!!!
Quote of the Day
" Only look back to see how far you've come"


Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm Bringing Color Back

blazer , sequin clutch (Thrifted) tank (Express) skirt (Target) heels (Gojane)
With all the black & white this summer, It's only right to add a little more color into my wardrobe this fall... 
Quote of the Day
"When You hold on to Your history You hold on at the expense of Your destiny"
-T.D. Jakes

My Faith.....

Happy Sunday!!!!
After the well response of last months blog post "My Faith" . I decided to make it a new  series.
 On this lovely Sunday morning I sit watching and listening to   "Super Soul Sunday "  while taking notes and having my own "Ah ha moment" I can't help but to think about my life, and how I could make it better . Often I have to  remind myslef of ...
"The Four Agreements"
-Be Impeccable with your word -Don't take anything personal -Don't make assumptions -Always do your best
Sounds simple right????  Yes!!! until we're tested then what do we/I do shut down , cut others off rather than be "Vulnerable " .. I have dealt with this my entire life when people hurt me or even before they can I shut down , but now I know that  isn't the way to live anymore . My "Ah-Ha Moment"  You can't get to courage without walking through vulnerability.... In the very same second I can be brave and scared . I now get it !!! There is no emotion that someone else hasn't had . Maybe that sibling maybe that love one maybe that friend is hurting just as much as you are. I think... I know.. were all afraid of rejection so rather than reach out to that person we shut down or ignore it while dying inside .. As I type I see God showing me myself .
My prayer today is that God will show you yourself, allow you to see the  areas in your life that you need to deal with as well. May we all heal together :)
Quote of the Day
"You don't get angry with people you don't care about"
-T.D. Jakes

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lace Tops & Gold Chains

lace top ( Local Consignment Shop) boyfriend shorts  (Target) gold chain t-straps (Gojane)
bag (Michael Kors)

Happy Friday!!!!

 This was the perfect" ootd" for lunch and quality time with the hubby yesterday. I must say
we're having the best staycation ever  .. visiting spots in our old neighborhood , sightseeing around town while planning our much needed getaway for 2014 :) Just loving life a bit more than usual I sware the older I get the more I want to do .. Travel , Helicopter Rides , Etc .. The hubby thinks I've lost it lol ...

My Prayer
Father today I open my heart and mind to the great things You have in store for my future .I choose to be faithful. I choose to prepare. I won't look to the left or to the right , but I will keep my eyes on You, Jesus , the Author and Finisher of my faith in Jesus ' name . Amen!

-Joel Osteen

Monday, September 2, 2013

Praise Clothing L.A.

divine heaven t-shirt (Praise Clothing LA. Com) blazer (Thrifted ) stripe skirt (Express)
tote (Target) heels (Gojane)

Happy Labor Day!!!!

I'm so happy to collaborate with Praise Clothing LA . They are all about spreadings Gods love through Fashion , by taking high-end labels ,with faith -related statement designs. How cool right???!!! Today I'm wearing their "Divine Heaven" t-shirt in a size large and it's made with 100% organic cotton . With every purchase you make it helps children in poverty . So head on over to Praise Clothing La.Com  they are offering 5% off  to my fab followers until 10-31-13 just enter the coupon code "FFFBLOGLUV"  free standard shipping on all U.S. orders (they also ship worldwide)

Quote of the Day
"He wants you all to Himself to put His loving , Divine arms around you.."
-Charles Stanley