Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swooning Over

Hi everyone hope you all are having a Fab weekend thus far . I wanted to share with you all a few
 items that have me swooning lately :) You all know I'm a heel kinda girl but these latest Trends are making me want to put the 6 inches on the shelf for a moment lol. While hanging out at my sons football game my eyes were drawn to all the fab ladies rocking amazing stylish rainboots . So of course I had to snap a few pictures . I can't wait to try all of these trends !!!! My fav of them all has to be the classic white converse . What trend will you be trying ??????



I'm lusting over converses too. Hunter boots are a great pair of rain boots to have. A bit pricy but a great investment.

Lisa said...

A good pair of converse can be a shoe girl's best friend! But like you, I'm a heels kind of girl. I do own a precious pair of orchid converse with turquoise accents and I adore them as much as my heels!

Timeka Winters said...

I own the Polka dot rain boots and I tend to only wear mine in wet weather conditions...LOL!! But the converse are also some shoes I am swooning over!!! I don't know what color to choose though.

Thanks for your support in the BFSC and I won a $50 gift card to store of my choice.