Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Out...

lbd (Target) heels (Jcpennys) frames ,watch (Hubbys) clutch (Marshalls)
Happy Sunday!!!!
Quote of the Day
"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."
-Pema Chodron-


My Kurves said...

That's such a Great dress on you. Enjoy!

Timeka Winters said...

Loovvvvveeeee it!!! Werk!

Ontheqtrain PJ said...

Love the dress and those shoes!!

Cherrie J. said...



YoyosFashions said...

You look amazing!! I love this look!! Pretty dress!!

Ashley said...

Ummm Ok...Excuse me!!! You look HAUTE. Loving your dress :)

With Love,

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Work ma'am!!

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Corie said...

Looking absolutely great hun! I'm jealous that you can still wear sandals and have bare legs. I'm now ready for spring!

Bajan Beauty said...

Legs! Girl I love your legs especially your calves. I'm going to be in the gym doing a million calf raises, lol.